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The core wire is to add a variety of additives in liquid steel or iron liquid.

2016-12-14 14:58:41

Basic knowledge of alloy core wire

What is a core wire?

Cored wire is to be adding various additives or liquid steel in liquid iron (deoxidizer, desulfurization agent, modifier, alloy etc.) broken into a certain size, then it includes as a composite material with arbitrary length of cold rolled low carbon steel strip.

What is the purpose of the core wire?

Cored wire technology is a kind of furnace refining method developed on the basis of the technology of jet metallurgy in 80s. Cored wire is suitable for steel making and casting.

It can purify steel inclusion shape, improve the casting property of molten steel, improve the performance of steel, and can significantly improve the yield of the alloy, reduce the consumption of the alloy, reduce the cost of steel making, and the economic benefit is remarkable.

What are the characteristics of the core wire 1, is conducive to adjust and control the content of easy oxidation and trace elements, can greatly improve the yield of the alloy, reduce smelting costs, shorten the smelting time, precise control of the composition. 2, play the role of pure steel liquid and part of the changes in the nature and shape of inclusions, improve the quality of molten steel, improve the casting state. 3, wire internal pumping and free of type two, machinery and equipment needed to feed line is simple and reliable, small occupation area, especially the pumping wire can adapt to the site using a narrow place.

Package of core wire

Cable package: two horizontal and vertical cable way. Internal tap type and free type two kinds of packaging.

The classification of core wire and the technical index of main alloy core wire

Alloy cored wire includes calcium cored wire, titanium iron cored wire, iron cored wire, silicon manganese and calcium cored wire, rare earth silicon cored wire, rare earth magnesium silicon cored wire, rare-earth silicon barium cored wire, barium calcium cored wire, calcium barium aluminum cored wire, magnesium metal package the core wire, iron calcium cored wire, iron calcium cored wire, pure calcium cored wire, aluminum calcium cored wire, rare earth magnesium calcium cored wire, carbon cored wire etc..

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