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 Established in 1995, Jiangyin Hongrui Cored Wire Co.,Ltd(Previous Name Jiangyin Xinjugang Cored Wire Co.,Ltd) is located in the industrial park, Lingang street, Jiangyin City, Which is the largest and oldest cored wire factory in China, The company owns 12 lines, The annual output reaching 30,000 tons, The diameters of the products measure 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 21mm respectively and our products include CaSi cored wire, CaFe cored wire, Pure Ca cored wire (include Ca Powder cored wire, Ca Rod cored wire, Two-double Ca Rod cored wire)、C cored wire、S cored wire、FeB cored wire、SiMg cored wire、Al wire、TiFe cored wire、FeS cored wire、FeMn cored wire、Pyritic cored wire、FeP cored wire、AlCa cored wire. In addition, Some special products are available such as pure Mn cored wire、CaCN2 cored wire、pure Se cored wire、pure Te cored wire、pure Pb cored wire、FeMo cored wire、FeV cored wire、FeNb cored wire、Lanthanon cored wire、CaSiAl cored wire and powderde aluminum cored wire,Ti corde wire, FeSiMnN、FeMnN、FeCrN、FeVN、FeSiN cored wire,SiZr cored wire, CaSiZr cored wire, CaSiMn cored wire, Ca+CaMgCO3+Fe cored wire, Mg+CaO cored wire, PB cored wire, Bi+Ca+Si+S+Fe cored wire, CuZr cored wire, CuMg cored wire; Including oxygenated aluminum cored wire for steel-making with the aiameter measuring 9 to 10mm and 12-13mm.

Our company is characterized by the first manufacturer of Café wire and CaAi wire in China,wihich have been applied in the CSP production lines of Handanl lron&Steel Co,.ltd in hebei province since 2000,And in the following yeats such name companies as Guangzhou zhujiang steel Co,.ltd in Guangdong Province,Baotou lron&steel Co,.ltd in lnner Mongolia Lian Yuan Steel Co,.ltd in Hunan Province, Ma stllo co,.ltd in Anhui Province,Meishan Steel Co,.ltd of Bao steel Group in shanghai ,shagang Group in Jiangsu Province have estcblished and kept stable cooperative relation with our company.

We adhere to the guide line of offering outstanding product qualily as our primary task,tasking the needs of customers lnto consideration and providing the best service for clients with full heart ,Our company has been honored as “the Top Export Company in jiangyin” ang “The Most Creditable Enterprise in Wuxi”,The core wire,our major product,has been exported to such countries as the United States,Germany ,ltaly,BeIgium,Iran,India,Indonesia,Australia,New Zealand,Canada,Tuikey,Colombia,Japan and so on,We long for business cooperation with Your Lord.

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NO. 41 Yabao Road , Lingang Street, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province China



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